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On August 25th, 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall at Rockport, Texas resulting in catastrophic damage. Our schools have been closed indefinitely, electricity is still out and many homes and businesses are damaged beyond repair. We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of donations and volunteers. A thousand thank yous.

We are looking to the uncertain future. We need to keep our local economy going in order to survive.

When I started GLOW Seafood Kitchen back in 2011, I was inspired by the abundance of natural beauty and grit of our neighbors. From the bay sunsets to the windswept oaks, from our local fishermen and fishing guides, there is so much here to be grateful for. Early on at GLOW, we began hand-harvesting sea salt from Aransas Bay, just the way they did when our town was founded almost 150 years ago.

GLOW is a local seafood kitchen that is trying to stay afloat during these turbulent times. Our goal is to provide jobs for our employees and community. For the first time, we are offering these hand-harvested, hand-blended sea salts for sale to help kick start our local economy and put our town back to work. The flavors have been the anchors of our tiny boathouse menu since the beginning. These will be offered on pre-sale and will ship as soon as power is restored. If you are a chef/restaurant/retailer and interested in wholesale or bulk orders, please let us know. Our team is on standby waiting to get your orders out to you.

A portion of the proceeds of our Glow Sea Salts will benefit local ACISD students and help fund our current Glow Student Scholarship program (501c3 pending). We need to continue helping our students and community pursue their goals and keep their dreams alive.

Thank you again for your generosity and help. Details on how to order our beloved sea salt are below. We can do this.

Karey Swartwout, Chef/Owner
GLOW | Rockport, TX
Pre-orders for a 4 pack of 1 oz sea salts
Presented in small glass bottles with cork tops
$49.95 plus S&H $4.99 and 8.25% tax

GLOW SEA SALTS - 4 pack includes:
Pure Rockport Sea Salt - Hand harvested sea salt from Aransas Bay
Glow Blackening Seasoning - Rockport sea salt, smoked paprika, brown sugar, thyme, garlic, cayenne, spices
Pedro - Rockport sea salt, lime zest, jalapeno
Afterglow - Rockport sea salt, orange zest, lavender

What does Rockport Sea Salt taste like and how is it made?
We hand harvest water from Aransas Bay and bring it back to our GLOW kitchen. The seawater is then filtered and boiled which removes any impurities. We slowly heat the water until the salt crystallizes and then gently scrape the salt crystals from the pans. The result is a strong, concentrated, sea salt taste. It brings back memories of childhood, when you catch that first Texas wave and taste the sea.

"Tastes from a Tiny Boathouse"
Available for sale online.

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